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[Address G/F Yat Wing House, Yat Nga Court, Nam Wan Road, Tai Po Tel 2650 3339 Fax 2650 4449 ]

Q. When can I apply for a place for Nursery or Preschool?
A. You can apply at any time. Just complete the application form and send it in to the school.
Q. Is there an application fee?
A. Yes this fee is used to cover the costs of the application procedure from the time of application through to the orientation. Costs include: school tour, administration and communication fees, preparation of interview resources, teacher's and support remuneration, updating of the website.
Q I will arrive in HK in September. Will there be any spaces for my child?
A. Please contact us by email a soon as possible so we can reserve a place for you before you arrive.
Q At what age can my child start  K1?
A. Your child can start K1 in the year when your child turns 3 years old. The minimum age is 2 years & 8 months children must reach this age by Aug 31 in the year of intake.

How much are the school fees?
A. Please check with the school office for the latest fees approved by the EDB.
Q. Are there any extra fees on top of the school fees?
A. You need to purchase a T shirt and a school bag except that there are few transportation / nominal expenses for school trips.

Q. Do you provide a school bus?

A. We can usually arrange the school bus service for you.
Q. How about your school uniform?
A. At Zebedee we prefer children to come in their own comfortable play clothes (preferably not new) as they will be painting and doing art work. We do however request parents purchase a school T Shirt to be worn on field trips and sports day.
Q. What are your school hours?
A. The morning session is from 9.00am~12noon, the main door opens at 8.45am and the afternoon session is from 1.30pm~4.30pm, the main door opens at 1.15pm.
Q. What happens if I arrive late at school.
We discourage lateness because your child will miss the most important learning part of the day. We request you to please ensure your child arrives on time for their session. We will keep a record of late comers and late slips will be issued.
Q. What does my child need to bring to school on a daily basis?
A. You will need to pack a spare set of clothes; top, bottoms, underwear and socks please. A named cup and a healthy snack. A bottle of water is optional.

Q. Is there any parental involvement at your KG?
A. Yes we encourage parents to part of the child's development by getting involved in regular scheduled classroom activities.
Q. What else can I do for the school?
A. You can join the Parents teacher Association.
Q. Do you allow parents to bring a birthday cake in on their child's birthday?
A. Yes we do, but the teacher would like a little advance notice so that it can be planned into the day.

Teaching & Learning

Q. Will you teach Chinese (Cantonese) ?
A. No, it is not part of our daily curriculum but we can provide extra curricular classes for Chinese (Cantonese) twice per week.
Q. Will you teach Mandarin?
Yes children will have Mandarin activities twice per week with our native Mandarin teacher.
Q. Is it true your teachers can only speak English?
Yes, all our class teachers are from the U.K.and only speak English.
Q. How many children will be in one class?
A. There will be a teacher child ratio of 9:1 in each class.
Q. What happens if my child cries a lot when he starts nursery or preschool?
A. Our staff are all professionals who have experience with children who are attending school for the first time. We will do everything possible to help settle children that are having difficulty separating from their parents. It is important at this time that you follow the teachers advice and the agreed plan of action.
Q. Do you have a special educational needs teacher?
A. At this moment we do not have a specific teacher for special educational needs but we can arrange a space for speech therapy or occupational therapy sessions for students on site at the school.