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[Address G/F Yat Wing House, Yat Nga Court, Nam Wan Road, Tai Po Tel 2650 3339 Fax 2650 4449 ]
First and foremost I would like to offer all parents and children past and present a warm welcome to Zebedee.
Our school has been open for almost ten years now and I have had the privilege of seeing all the children start their learning journey with us in K1 and more recently in nursery and then move on and up through the school.

We are very much a family oriented school that cares about individual children and young families. We help and give advice where we can in regards to getting children on track, if they are experiencing learning difficulties or at times when family dynamics change at home.  

Our teachers are very experienced and know that children need a good foundation in their early years. We start by insisting that a child practice their self-help skills to sow the seed of confidence that will take root in all the learning areas. I believe adults can sometimes do too much for a child and as a result the more adults do for children, the less children will be able to do for themselves.

Everyone likes to do things they find enjoyable, I know I do. Children are exactly the same. At Zebedee we put a lot of effort into the process of making learning enjoyable through implementing the excellent U.K. Foundation Stage Curriculum. This approach helps children develop a desire to know more, to ask many questions and find out how things work for themselves.  I don't think anyone would like to learn if the level is to difficult to grasp at the outset or if teaching is so repetitive that it becomes boring.

Our team of teachers and I are ready to give your children the very best in early years education. That is, a balance of time spent on tasks, time to play, creativity and physical movement. It is what we all believe to be the ideal model for a child's all round healthy development. 

We look forward to spending time with you and your child as we take the first steps together on the exciting road of discovery.

Sarah J Neale