Ballet Music and Movement

Classes are held on Saturday mornings for children from aged 2 to 6 years. Miss Joanna is a fully qualified and very experienced English speaking ballet teacher from the U.K. She gives children a fun introduction to the art of ballet. Free trial class available.
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English Playgroup – Monday to Saturday

Attending playgroup helps children develop good personal and social skills and teaches the values of sharing and making friends. Children who attend English playgroup will be given priority to join our nursery class when the child reaches two years old. Please note: Toddlers should be accompanied by one adult during playgroup sessions.
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Our camps are always popular and Christmas camp is no exception - lots of glitter and play is scheduled for this year during the Christmas break. Our approach keeps the children learning but making it as enjoyable as possible.
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Fun Art

Fun art is a new class with Miss Rita for children 3-4 and 5-6. Let your children explore the joy of art in this class. Materials and aprons provided.
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English Smarties

These classes run every day and are suitable for children age 3-4 years old. It offers play style learning which is perfect for this age group. With an opportunity to be a little more independent as they meet children from different settings. In these classes children can improve their English easily and grown in confidence through natural communication with their peers and the teacher.
English Smarties
So you want to learn how to read do you? Then Monster English can help you start reading within about 3 months. Using a proven phonics method to develop confidence in letter sounds and letter recognition you will be on the way to be a great reader in no time. Request an application form and sign up now.
Monster English

Babies Music and Movement

Mummys, Daddy's and babies welcome support of other parents to help them along the way. Lasting friendships often start at these types of gatherings and at Zebedee we have a special place for you. Come along with your little ones to relax and talk in an informal setting with tea, coffee and biscuits.
Parents & Toddlers

Cambridge English Starters

Cambridge YLE English Starters classes are perfect for children who can already speak, read and write a little in English (usually at around age 5 years) The course focusses on practicing the four skills: Listening for understanding, Speaking for essential communication, Reading for learning and Writing for expression.
Cambridge YLE Starters


We have a host of extra curricular activity classes going on at Zebedee from Monday to Saturday. You can choose from English enhancement classes every morning or afternoon. Physical activity classes such as ballet or mini-football. Accompanied toddlers are welcome to come and enjoy a new world of play at our playgroup. It is best to start early. You can apply now.